Getting To The Truth About The White Boxer Dog

Despite what some people may say about the white boxer dog... or puppy, they are quite possibly the best of the breed!!! Why you ask?

Follow me as we explore the amazing world of white boxers... white boxer puppy Just look at this little cutie!!

As beautiful as ever!

Unfortunately, some people still believe that all white Boxer dogs are the least favorable of the boxer breed. They argue that boxers born white are more prone to illness or more aggressive than the other more traditionally colored dogs of the breed.

For those of us who are lucky enough to love a white cutie...this couldn't be further from the truth!

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white boxer pup

For that matter, my boxer, Blizzard is the biggest (98 lbs), happiest and healthiest dog I know!

He has had one tumor (removed when he was very little) and been healthy as can be ever since.

Regardless of the thousands of us out there who can testify to the wonders of a white boxer, there is a lot of misinformation.

Hopefully we can clear some of it up.

Just look at this little beauty...(photo credit goes to Flickr) white boxer puppy (JJ)

First Things First...Why a White Boxer Dog??

White boxer dogs are actually very gentle (and quite comical) animals, worthy of the same attention and praise that the

fawn or brindle receive.

I have a 4 year old boxer dog named "Blizzard" who is neither sick nor agressive. Yup, he's the one on my homepage

From my experience, white boxers are such loving animals, I couldn't imagine owning another breed (or color). And most of the bad publicity they receive is usually false.

In fact, white boxers act exactly like most other more traditionally colored boxers. Most, if not all boxers are comical, fun loving and gregarious animals with a strong desire to please.
The same goes for training, white boxers are just as easy to train as other dogs...

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Believe it or not, most white boxers aren't sick or blind...or rare. In fact, 25% of all boxers dogs born are white! And statistically, the majority of them are born healthy.

white boxer pups

While this may be true, white boxer dogs are still not recognized and cannot compete competitvely in show. But for those of us who love our boxer for the unconditional love and happiness they bring to our lives...we couldn't care less.

So What Makes a White Boxer DogWhite?

Boxers born white are not albino nor are they a result of birth defects. However, the white gene is recessive and therefore, both the female and male boxer must carry the genetic code for a boxer puppy to come out all white. Much like that of a human baby and hair color- two brunette adults don’t always make a brunette baby!

Even still, most white boxers have darker colored spots….and you can see from the picture below, Blizzard (my white boxer) almost looks like a Dalmation in the right light!!! I’ve noticed that his spots tend to get darker the more time he spends in the sun. Living in Southern Florida required that we keep him inside during the hottest times of the day.

Need Some More Information?

Again, don't believe what you hear people say about the white boxer dog.

They are NOT RARE


They are NOT DEAF



They are simply the best!

white boxer dog

Check out Northeastern Boxer Rescue. They do a good job of dispelling some of these common

white boxer myths


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