History Boxer Dogs: From Germany With Pictures

The History of Boxer dogs dates back to Germany over 100 years ago. Impressive, considering the American Kennel Club currently ranks this breed as the 7th most popular dog in the United States!

How was the Boxer Breed Created?

As the story goes...The Boxer breed were created by mating two specific types of dogs- the English Bulldog and a dog called the Brabanter Bullenbeisser. The Bullenbeisser was a strong and agile dog from Belgium that was used to hunt boar.

One of the earliest pictures from German history of Boxer dogs is from Munich in 1891. The picture shows four very stoic looking dogs and their owner- a woman named Friederun Stockmann. According to the records, Stockmann wrote a book called My Life With Boxers...very serious indeed...

history boxer dogs

Boxer history points to Munich as the home to the first Boxer show in 1895, and a breed standard developed shortly after. History of boxer dogs tells us that tail docking and ear cropping were critical to the early Boxers overall appearance, but the practice is slowly being discontinued. The United Kingdom, Australia and Scandinavia prohibit ear cropping and Denmark, Norway and Sweden prohibit tail docking.

Read the American Kennel Club's Boxer Breed Standard

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