Boxer Health....The Truth and the Myths

Boxer Health Issues...What You should Know and Care About

Boxer health is a pretty important (and sometimes scary) topic. Everyone who has ever loved an animal wants to believe that nothing bad will ever happen...

boxer health issues

The truth is...

Boxers and humans suffer from about 400 of the same diseases- including heart disease and even epilepsy. If you take the time to learn about some of the more common boxer medical issues now and take precautionary steps in the future, then there's no reason why your boxer dog can't live a healthy, enjoyable and long life with you and your family!!

For some really interesting information on boxer health statistics and related info be sure to check out The American Boxer Charitable Foundation They've raised over $500,000 for boxer medical health research!

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Three very healthy boxer dogs from "Helping Little Paws" rescue

Boxer Dogs are Predisposed to the Following Health Problems:

Difficulty Breathing

Because of their short wide heads, boxers are predisposed to snore and have respiratory problems. While the snoring may be cute, it's something that a boxer owner should be aware of

Overgrowth of Gum Tissue

Technically called ""GingivalHyperplasia", this has rarely caused a problem in the boxer breed, but again, owners should be aware.

Congenital Cardiovascular Defects including boxer cardiomyopathy


Acepromazine is a tranquilizer commonly used as a pre-anasthetic agent.

WARNING !! Do not use on Boxers!

In many cases, acepromazine has been shown to cause severe lowering of blood pressure as well as potentially serious arrythmia of the heart.

It is unknown why the boxer dog is sensitive to this tranquilizer, but adverse reactions are common.

click here for the Animal Poison Control Center

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