Your Boxer Dog and Children: Building Relationships

boxer dog and children

Do you have young family members and are concerned about your boxer dog and children? While it's a pretty common concern, there are several steps you can take to make the experience stress free and SAFE.

Remember, your boxer dog doesn't want to cause trouble...and it is possible for him to develop a nurturing, warm and loving relationship with your whole family...even the kids.

Making Introductions: Boxers and Kids

Whether you have an infant, toddlers or even older kids, the introduction process is pretty much the same. You're goal is to make your boxer dog and your children as comfortable as possible with each other.

Introduce them in a neutral place in the home, taking the time to sit on the floor next to your boxer dog or at least down at his eye level. Make him feel part of the process and you'll take away any fears or resentment he may have.

The trick is to make enough time for everyone....easier said than done for sure, but not impossible. If your children are older, they will most likely understand a little better than young ones, but you still need to drive home the point that EVERYONE has an important place in the family and NO ONE is more important. That goes for the boxer dog and the kids.
We have never had any problems with our boxer dog and of course, he protects our kids like they were his own. It's simply a good feeling to know that he is gentle and would never hurt the kids in any way.

Most boxer dogs have a natural affinity towards children...just ask anyone who has little ones and boxers. Not to say that my parents weren't a bit concerned or WORRIED in the beginning that a boxer dog and children wouldn't mix- That our white boxer dog would be jealous and hurt the baby. But, as i'll explain in the following's easy to have a boxer dog and children....and even more rewarding when everyone is comfortable with each other. I never had a dog growing up as a kid and I am glad to think that our little ones can experience the joy of having a best friend in their boxer!!!

As far as kids and boxers go, it's just such a great mix. To really get a good idea of how boxers are with kids,click below to read an e-book on the subject ...or watch this great video! Don't eat the puppies little one!

click here

white boxer dog and children

But let's be honest....I don't know anyone with kids and dogs who weren't a bit nervous to begin with...INCLUDING ME!

But after a few weeks with the baby and Blizzard (our white boxer dog)getting to know one another, I was less nervous. Blizzard is a very patient animal, and even today at nine months, he lets the baby pull his ears, pinch his skin and just ANTAGONIZE him to death!!!

For a great example of how the two (boxers and kids) can get along, watch the following video...submitted by a fellow boxer lover...

Obviously, there must be a strategy for introducing your baby to your boxer dog. Many would argue that you can never be to cautious, and I have to agree with that...however, boxer dogs have a keen sense about them.

I believe that boxers understand the baby is a baby and would not intentionally hurt them. Here's another clip from the Bonnie Hunt Show that really illustrates how gentle and knowing a boxer can be with a small child.

Boxer dogs and children are a great match!!! There's nothing more meaningful for children to grow up with a pet...and boxers and children are like peanut butter an jelly!
white boxer and children

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