Boxer Breeder...Who's Qualified? And How Do You Recognize A Good Boxer Puppy?

Boxer dog puppies (and sometimes boxer breeders!) come in all shapes and sizes...and grow up looking very different. So how do you recognize a safe and qualified dog breeder from a...well.. not so greatone?

The Following information will help you out with some smart tips.

But always remember, there are soooo many loving, adorable boxers that need homes. Please be sure to check out local boxer rescue organizations before making the decision to buy from a boxer breeder!! boxer breeder family

Below I highlight some of the more responsible boxer breeder and boxer rescue organizations and I'm sure they have valuable information on adoption.

In the meantime, let's discuss breeders...So where do we begin? Say you've decided to go out and purchase a do you weed out the good from the not so good and what things should you look for?

Start Of With Some Advice... Expert Advice

The following tips for picking a quality boxer breeder and boxer dog puppies comes from The Humane Society- a reputable organization you can trust. Following these simple guidelines will start you on making sure you pick a boxer puppy from someone who's not only qualified but also caring.

And if you're interested in finding a quality breeder in your home town, use the resources provided by the American Boxer Club to help you choose a boxer breeder carefully. This site is highly credible, offers a wealth of information and can be very useful as a tool for finding exactly what you're looking for.

What to Look For in a Quality Boxer Breeder

  • Happy boxer puppies eager to meet new people
  • Clean, well-maintained eating and sleeping areas
  • References from other purchasers
  • Written contract with NO specific veterinarian required
  • Seller who offers guidance and tips on care and training

  • Things to Remember About Boxer Breeders

    Remember, simply because the papers say AKC does not mean that you're getting any information about temperament or even health.

    AKC registration simply means that both parents were registered as boxers.

    You'll know a quality boxer breeder when you meet one because they'll be just as concerned (if not more) than you about You!

    In other words, they'll want to know you're a responsible pet owner, if you've had experience in the past with boxers or if this is your first dog.

    A quality boxer breeder will not be satisfied with a simple phone call and will most likely require you to come and meet the dog in person so he can feel confident in letting you go home with one of his prized possessions.

    Finding a great boxer breeder and picking out your new boxer puppy should be a great experience!If you follow this simple guide when choosing your new bundle of joy... (uh...wait till he soils the rug)... should feel confident that you made the right choice.

    Other Useful Links

    Dog Adoption and Training Guide

    A guide to dog adoption, choosing, caring for and training a boxer puppy or adult dog to suit your lifestyle. The site has information about kennels, breeders, clicker training, dog breed profiles, health/medical, presenting dog raising and ownership and the work involved so you can make good decisions.

    Suitable Puppies
    Finding cute puppies to suit your lifestyle is very important. Each puppy is different and knowing which breeder to choose is vital when choosing your new best friend.

    Now you can spend more time on more important how to hide your 300 dollar shoes!!!


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