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Thinking of Bringing a New Boxer dog into Your Home to the Cat?

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For those of you planning to add a new canine family'll find valuable information on

  • How to recognize a quality breeder
  • How to find credible rescue organizations in your hometown
  • How to train your new white boxer puppy (and remain sane)

    Already A Fellow Boxer Parent?

    This site is a helpful guide and resource for all sorts of awesome and useful information and FUN ...from

  • Camping with your dog
  • Reading great boxer dog hero stories by other boxer lovers! and sharing your own great pictures and stories
  • How to Protect your buddy in a weather related emergency
  • Boxer Dogs and children (even new babies)
  • Inside you'll find facts...and even some myths about

  • White boxer dogs
  • Links to boxer dog rescue organizations
  • Information on breed history (with really old pictures!)
  • Laugh about some of the silliest boxer characteristics and ooh and ahhh over the latest puppy pictures

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    About Us: My White Boxer and My Site: This is Our Story...
    My white boxer and me...How we started
    Boxer Blog...What's New on the Boxer Blog Radar
    The place to come to keep updated on all new and <B>Boxeriffic</B> information added daily!
    Tips For Choosing Boxer Dogs That Won't Dissapoint
    Thinking about choosing boxer dogs for a pet? Here are some great tips
    Basic Boxer Information
    The Most Comprehensive Boxer Information on the Web!
    Pick A Quality Boxer Breeder: Great Tips
    Sometimes A boxer breeder will say anything to make a sale. If you need to know what to ask and what to look for, here are some important...
    Boxer Puppies...At Their Best
    Boxer Puppies are Too Cute For Words...Top 10 Best Boxer Puppy Names
    Most Common Boxer Dog Traits
    Most dogs have common behaviors, but the boxer dog traits are a little different. Here's why
    Soldier Homecoming
    We've prayed for a safe return, we've waited awhile, and now we have our soldier homecoming!
    Military Boxer Dogs
    We pay tribute to the Military Boxer Dogs Whose Owners Protect Us Everyday
    The white boxer dog deserves attention too...
    Even though the white boxer dog is not as popular as the fawn or brindle, they have some very unusual behaviors...
    White Boxer Puppies
    White Boxer Puppies Always Make Us Smile...
    History Boxer Dogs with Pictures
    Want to learn more about the history boxer dogs with pictures? Read about how the breed originated and see pictures of the first boxer puppies...
    Easiest Boxer Training
    After countless hours and dollars, I found this to be the easiest boxer training...
    Boxer Dog and Children
    Boxer Dog and Children are a Great Mix! Come Read, Share and Explore
    Your boxer and other pets -Can't we all just get along?
    Adding a new pet to the family can get quite scary. Here's how to make sure your boxer and other pets learn to love one another...
    Dog Friendly Hotels and Accomodations
    The Best and Cleanest Dog Friendly Hotels in the United States
    The Boxer Rescue Organizations Effort Continues
    Boxer rescue organizations: It's hard to believe someone could do that to a helpless boxer pup, which is why the boxer rescue effort is so's what you can do...
    Boxer Health Issues and Important Information
    Boxer health issues...What you know could protect your dog in the future...
    Tips for aging boxer dog
    Sometimes it can be tough to deal with an aging boxer dog. Learn how to make him and you more comfortable
    Boxer Puppies in Pennsylvania
    The Best Boxer Puppies in Pennsylvania...Keep You Luaghing
    Your boxer and camping...what do you need to know?
    what's more fun than your boxer and camping? Here are a few useful ideas...
    How To Handle an Emergency Evacuation and Pets
    Do you know what to do? Emergency evacuation and pets can get pretty scary. Follow this check list to be sure that you have...
    Boxer Facts Quiz
    How well do you know your Boxer? Test your knowledge and take a quiz
    Boxers Are Cool Dogs!
    Boxers are cool dogs to have around...they look great, act gracious and love unconditionally
    Funniest Boxer Characteristics
    The silliest things they do:The funniest boxer characteristics
    The Best Boxer Video
    Watch the silliest and cutest boxer video clips
    Best Boxer Puppy Names
    With So Many to Choose From, I Found the Cutest Boxer Puppy Names
    Boxer Hero
    Do you know a boxer hero? Some of the most amazing dogs who do some of the most amazing things...
    Boxer Pictures Gallery
    The Best Boxer Pictures... Speak for Themselves
    Visitors Share Boxer Dog Stories and Pictures
    The Place for Visitors to Share Boxer Dog Stories and Pics!
    Celebrities with Boxers: Who's Really the Star in Hollywood?
    celebrities with boxers: Bet you didn't know these famous stars owned boxers...
    Cool Boxer Dog gifts and Merchandise
    Come check out the cool boxer dog gifts and won't find this stuff anywhere else
    Boxer Dog Items for Sale: Auction
    Find the lowest prices for boxer dog items
    White Boxer Dog Online Store
    Buy Unique White Boxer Dog Gifts
    Best Boxer Books Around: Top 3
    Looking for the best boxer books? We've searched the top places and came up with a list of the best anywhere for your money...
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    General Dog Links of Interest
    General dog links for great information about any breed
    Can You Find the Boxer Dog?
    Forget about Where's Waldo? Because we have "where's the Boxer Dog?" It's more fun!

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